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Snow Shoveling Tips | Dec 15, 2014
Lift Light, Shovel Right

Hotspurs Coach Spotlight: Manel Oudjida | Dec 8, 2014
The Hotspurs would like to recognize Manel Oudjida for her contributions to the GU13 OPDL team

Coach's Corner | Dec 6, 2014
Raising the confidence of young children means building on strengths rather than weaknesses.

Athlete survey - University of Ottawa | Dec 5, 2014
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Welcome To The Hotspurs!

Credit to our wonderfully gifted Lindsay Crone for putting together this amazing video.

Traits Of A True Team Player

15 traits — good and bad — that coaches should identify when looking for a true team player in youth sports.

Is there anyone more passionate in the world of sports than a soccer enthusiast? And, if you coach youth soccer, you likely have a deep and abiding love for the game. You also want your players to love the game, have fun, and hopefully achieve some “success”.

Click Good and Bad Traits Part 1 to read the full story.

Snow Shoveling Tips

With the snowing coming down today, BackTracks is pleased to share the "Lift Light. Shovel Right." tips from the Canadian Chiropractic Association. Happy Holidays!

Click here for tips.

Comments to Coaches - Coach's Corner

Our Club’s Head Coach (CHC), Boris Bajagic, will be creating a series of blog entries that will cover a variety of soccer-related topics, including but not limited to: The Long Term Player Development (LTPD), coaching tips, and do’s and don’ts of coaching.

Click Comment to Coaches for his first entry.

Coach's Corner

By their cheers and looks of approval or disapproval, parents and coaches pass judgment on a child’s ability and performance. In the process, they play an important role in shaping children’s perception of themselves.

Raising the confidence of young children means building on strengths rather than weaknesses. Good coaching is based on a positive approach and follows these commonsense principles.

Welcome to a new section that will have input from our office and highly qualified coaches.

Click here to view more from our Coach's Corner.

Athlete survey - University of Ottawa

Hello Hotspurs parent(s)/guardian(s),

The University of Ottawa in collaboration with the Nepean Hotspurs is asking for your support and participation in a Youth Sport Study aimed at optimizing youth athlete's quality of training.

Your athletes have been identified to take part in this voluntary online study as the targeted age range of athletes is 14-17 years old.

Please click here for more info.

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